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HR Hotline

What is the HR Hotline?

The HR Hotline is a service staffed by HR professionals, available by phone or email, to answer your HR-related questions. As a valued client, you will have access to personalized, professional HR consultation and expertise every month.

Does your organization need answers to specific

HR questions?

When you use HR Hotline, you will be communicating with HR

professionals who can give you personalized advice and

consultation. They can assist you with a variety of HR topics,

including employee benefits, federal compliance, employee

relations and much more.

Are your HR information resources scattered?

HR Hotline, accessed through MyWave Connect, is a

convenient, one-stop source for all your pressing HR questions.

HR Hotline gives you access to professional HR consultation

and advice, all in one place.

What can you ask about?

· Employee benefits

· Leaves of absence

· Federal compliance

· State employment law

· Wage and hour issues

· Discipline and terminations

· Recruiting and hiring

· Employee relations

· Workers’ compensation

· Investigations

· Performance management

Do you want access to additional resources?

After receiving individualized HR advice, you will be referred to

additional relevant content within the portal to help you

implement solutions right away.

Benefit Strategies Agency, LLC is happy to provide this HR Hotline service to you. In addition to answering your pressing HR questions, the HR professionals will refer you to relevant content to help you execute on their expertise.

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